First Tape Covers

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The 'new' Clairvoyance was kicked of by the song 'Crossroads' beginning of the new millenium. If I had a marketing agency, the motto could be 'Music of the 80's with the sound of the 90's and today'. The truth is that the musical influence has widened, including now for example Techno, Trance and Electro. I even thought about giving my activities a new name, but in essence I wanted to continue the kind of music we made, just including modern sounds and styles. But let the music speak for itself: 'Last Journey' and 'Restart/Reload' are more electronic and digital, whereas 'Broken' is more 'retro' and analogue . 'Sensual Life' is hard to define and a kind of exception... (In fact the idea for the song is quite old, but in the past I didn't have the means to realise it).

I am now working on a new album called 'The future lies ahead '. It will contain some of the songs mentioned before, and new songs. Here are the ones I have already completed:
'Is it you?' , 'New Beginning' and 'Something More'.